Maldon Artist Network

We provided a tailored Google Ads campaign assisting the Maldon Artist Network in their pursuit of national entrants in their prestigious portrait prize.

With an Australia-wide focus, we were tasked with creating enticing ads and then placing them in an efficient manner where we could cast a wide net and attract artists of all kinds to enter this coveted competition.

Leveraging the Google Ads network gave us the opportunity to present this art prize to some fantastic artists while they were pursuing competitions and events such as the Maldon Art Prize from Maldon in Central Victoria, Australia.. This meant we could provide specific and appropriate information depending on their search-intent and various other factors, whilst efficiently allocating ad spend so only high-interest entrants would visit the website and enter online.


Efficiently Attract Art Prize Entrants

  • Client

    Maldon Artist Network

  • Tools

    Google Ads

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