SEO For Lawyers

Regardless of the industry, search engine optimization is necessary to stay in the lead. Every day, 8.5 billion searches happen on Google, making a massive difference to companies using SEO for their websites. Is your company standing out, or are they falling behind? 

In 2021, the total global market size of the legal services industry reached over $750-billion. Don’t miss out on potential new business, and find out what SEO can do for your future. 

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the activity and result of driving more visitors to your website. SEO, when used correctly, will increase your website’s position in search engine’s results pages and get you near the top of the list that appears after you type in a query on Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

With more potential clients using SEO for lawyers, don’t leave your firm in the dark ages. 

An Optimized Website Is:

  • 35 times more likely to get clicked than competitors
  • Appearing in the top search results 
  • Gaining leverage and visibility for your company

It is essential to be at the top of search engine results because statistics show only about 2 to 3 percent of people visit even the second page of search results. If they click to the next page, less than one percent will click on a site before reformatting the search.

what is seo?
What is SEO?

How Does SEO Assist Law Firms?

The study of law has not been at the forefront of technology. Lawyers relied on word-of-mouth recommendations and reputation to carry their firm and connect with new clients. With an increase in society turning to search engines for all the answers, every day without search engine optimization will cost your firm. 

There has been a lot of attention on legal tech startups, explicitly helping firms enter the digital age and learn how to attract and procure clients with an up-to-date understanding of technology and social media. 

Applying SEO for lawyers means focusing on three main things: 

  • Content: Language, images, social media, community outreach, videos, team profiles. Take every opportunity to maximize what potential clients experience. Lawyer SEO marketing also includes creating a user-friendly space and experience. 
  • Backlinks and off-page citations: Increase your google search results by highlighting backlinks to notable and impressive awards or accusations or off-page citations, including local directories, your state bar directory, social media, or reviews. 
  • Technical application of SEO: Judging the build and fluidity of the website. Is it straightforward to read? Will new clients struggle to find out how to contact you? With the correct technical application of SEO for lawyers, it will be easy to read and flow from anyone visiting your site. 
law firm
Law Firms

Is An SEO Website Important?

Find Out Why SEO For Lawyers Relies On A Website

When potential clients finally arrive at your site, you can’t waste any time impressing them. 

Your content needs to be optimized and answer leading queries to help guide their search. Identify your niche instantly and highlight why clients will succeed with your guidance.

As potential clients scroll, they’ll be making a judgment if they can trust your firm with their case. Will you do everything to defend their rights? Are you approachable? How does your website compare to competitors? 

Implementing SEO for lawyers means your website will answer all this and more, plus outline the benefits of working with you. They’ll see your tactfully placed reviews and awards from the community. They’ll begin to understand your firm’s ethos and won’t second guess clicking “BOOK A CONSULTATION.”

Can SEO Guarantee Business Growth

SEO For Lawyers: Take A Look At The Stats!

  • In 2021 Ruler Analytics showed that search engines generate 66% of call conversion in the legal sector. 
  • Search engine generated calls also have a conversion rate of over 4% compared with the overall 2.4% 
  • In 2021, 84% of law firms planned to increase their digital marketing technology and program spending.
  • In 2020, 81% of law firms had a presence on social media ranging from Twitter, LinkedIn, or blogs.
  • In 2020, 29% of lawyers answered that a client chose their services after reviewing social media.

These numbers ring true! Holding back from optimizing your online presence will leave you in the past. 

Business Growing
Grow Your Business

How Can We Develop SEO for Legal Firms?

Developing and integrating SEO for lawyers in a multi-level approach looks at any digital imprint your firm presents. Connecting you with more ways to climb the Google search results involves highlighting what sets you apart and utilizing more off-page citations. 

The process is confusing, so leave it to Artemis Digital and step into the future with our comprehensive guide on SEO for lawyers. 

Maximize Your Law Firm SEO Potential Today!

Partnering with Artemis Digital will open the door to SEO services, including:

  • SEO audit to uncover the bottlenecks and redundancies
  • Keyword and content optimization.
  • Use of external and internal links.
  • Link building and reputation management.
  • Use of FAQ Schema for Rich Snippets.
  • Image and URL optimization.
  • Responsive website design.

At Artemis Digital, we are committed to taking your business to the next level. We offer customized SEO services designed to suit your unique business needs. Get in touch with the Artemis Digital team and reap the benefits of streamlined communication, exceptional support, and reliable market insights.

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